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Künstler engagieren sich bei der Keep the World Foundation.

Sandra Mann

Sandra Mann (1970), deutsche Künstlerin und Fotografin absolvierte ihr Studium mit Diplom an der HfG, Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach bei Lewis Baltz und Heiner Blum. Sie bedient sich einer großen Bandbreite künstlerischer Ausdrucksformen wie Fotografie, Installation, Skulptur und Video. In ihrem genreübergreifenden Werk befasst sie sich konzeptuell mit den Beziehungen der Menschen zueinander, zur Natur, zur Umwelt, Tierwelt oder Genderthematik. Sie kuratiert seit 2009 Themen-Ausstellungen. Ihre Arbeit ist geprägt von der Erforschung der Grundlagen der Fotografie, Bildsprache und Bildwahrnehmung was sie auch lehrt. 

"Sandra Mann schwärmt aus, und sie beobachtet, unaufdringlich, ihrem Blick entgeht nichts. Dass sich Menschen ihr gegenüber öffnen, sich im Zeigen freuen, hat mit ihrem Temperament und mit ihrer Persönlichkeit zu tun. Vielleicht auch mit ihrem Charme und ihrem glockenhellen Lachen. Die Kamera ist ihr Wegbegleiter, ihr verlängerter Atem, fast möchte ich sagen, ein Geruchsorgan." Jean-Christophe Ammann, Direktor Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt

Ihre Werke sind u.a. im Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt, MUCA Mexiko Stadt, der Kunsthalle Wien ausgestellt und in der DZ Bank, in der Kunsthalle Mannheim sowie in der Art Collection Deutsche Börse vertreten.

Ritah Khatushi

Ritah Khatushi is a Kenyan singer, song- writer, composer, actress, motivational speaker, talk-show host, life coach and mentor.
Her music is contemporary gospel, and carries positive motivation to touch lives. In the styles of Jazz, Funk, Rock, Soul, EDM and Afro. She is passionate about being an agent of change to the world, especially the young generation. As a role model, she goes around schools speaking about Positive Self Esteem.
Nothing in nature exists for itself.True success is living life and doing what one can, to make someone's life better!
Ritah partnered with the Foundation in 2011, through her music with the Simama project for AMREF. An initiative to help aid child birth in Africa, for mothers who are underprivileged.
She has worked with a few other NGOs including Shangilia Africa, an initiative to red flag gender violence.

Jennifer Mien Mien Lin

Jennifer Mien Mien Lin is an internationally exhibited and award winning photographer residing in New York City. She spent her childhood and adolescence in a traditional Taiwanese family, which was ruled by the Confucian preference for sons. It was not until her attendance at University that she began to fight gender inequality.

Education became the key to her understanding both her own development as a unique individual; and the negative consequences on other girls who grow up in societies that do not value boys and girls equally. Her early photography focused on the female body. Her photography revealed an aesthetic fascination with the navigations of the female body through foreign environments and the relationships that are forged visually between space and body. Her work was largely defined by a sense of female displacement, a contemporaneous condition of not belonging anywhere completely. 

Her outsider position propels her photographs into an ongoing registry, recording the process of reconciling of female exclusion. As an artist of multiple nationalities, Lin taps into her own pluralism, using it to strengthen her position as an émigré flâneur, a watcher who observes the accelerated world with discernment and empathy. These works have been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Haven, Toronto, and Rio de Janeiro. Her attention is now centered on helping, through education, girls who have suffered the same marginalization that she experienced in childhood.

The planned China project: “The Lost Generation: Portraits of Women Who were Child Orphans” 


My name is Kaïssa,

I am a Cameroonian singer residing in NYC since 1996. I realized a long time ago that my purpose in life is to use my talent for the struggle against racism, sexism, homophobia, poverty and all other forms of social and internalized oppressions. As a musician, I continuously strive to use my talents to not only entertain, but also educate and rejuvenate the community by bringing a message of love peace and happiness to as many lives as I can through my words, music, and my dedication to both. In 2008 I became one of Action Against Hunger Advisory Council members.

I will also offer WHOA working on ending violence against women specifically to FGM Female Genital Mutilation. These causes are very dear to my heart. With plenty of wealth around the world, no one should go hungry. Women and girls should no longer suffer all kinds of violence in the name of I do not know what so-called traditions. I joined Artists for Freedom in 2009. I have worked with: Paul Simon, Salif Keita, David Byrne.

It is a Global Alliance of Artists who fight against Global Human Trafficking and Modern day Slavery. As artists, our only weapons are the power of creativity and the belief that Art can change minds.Through Facebook, I heard about Keep the World Foundation a few weeks ago. This Foundation works on eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education, promoting gender equality and empower women among many other causes that are very important to me and crucial for a better world.I like to say this: The world is a village, our village. We can better it. Together. I am giving my full support to Keep The World. I am looking forward to fully promoting Keep the World in any capacity.

Links: Artists for Freedom

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